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Christmas Projects

Institutional Decor - Cathedral of Hope

I served as the decorator for the Cathedral of Hope in Dallas, Texas in the early 2000's.  One of my tasks was to re-imagine the congregation's holiday decor for the Advent and Christmas seasons, using the liturgical colors of blue and gold.  Updates I made to the decor included an advent wreath that would lower from the ceiling, using an electric wench, to be lit during the service, banners with fabric streamers to "label" each of the candles.  The banners were created in Photoshop and printed on a heavy canvass and then sewn with rod pockets for hanging.  I sourced and photographed ornaments to create the banners, matching the theme of each candle to an ornament; hope represented by candles, joy represented by a bell, love represented by a heart and peace represented by a dove.  The updated holiday decor also included a 14-foot tall tree in church's foyer, crowned by a tiered "chandelier" made of wreaths, christmas lights and glass icicle ornaments.  

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