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Dark Hour Haunted House

The last project I worked on under Haunt 2013, was as a consultant for Dark Hour Haunted House in Plano, Texas.  Among the tasks I took on for Dark Hour were facilitating a multi-day brainstorming retreat, with the haunts management, to develop the  concept and theming for the new 40,000 square foot show.  I then took the design programming information gathered from the brainstorming sessions and generated the scenic layout for the show.  


I also represented the haunt by working on a custom animatronic project with Distortions Unlimited for the new attraction.  The project, a 20+ foot tall "Terror Tree", was featured on an episode in the second season of the Travel's Channel "Making Monsters". 


Scenic Layout

Screen shot from the Terror Tree episode of "Making Monsters" on the Travel Channel

Custom "Terror Tree" project as featured on the Travel Channel's "Making Monsters"

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