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Chapel Organ Up-cycling

I always enjoy the challenge of repurposing older props and objects into something new.  When we took over the old "Grimm House" space to created Legends, remnants of a peculiar version of a pipe organ were left at one end of the space that would become the new funeral chapel scene.  Rather than remove what had been left behind, I decided to reuse parts of it to make an updated version of a pipe organ.  I ended up finding an old three-console organ on Craig's List, which I paired with an animated figure, and a faux organ bench and pedals I designed and had our carpenter build.  As finishing touches, I installed a mirror to reflect the face of the character, and created flickering LED candles to set on top of the organ.  A huge bass speaker was hidden inside the old organ cabinet to create vibration in the space, that matched the organ music being played as part of the scenes soundscape.

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