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About Jim...

A Lifetime of Passion

I have been a Halloween enthusiast since early-childhood. At the age of six, I helped my grandmother and her best friend create a haunted house in her garage for the children at her church… and I was hooked.  I immediately spent my saved allowance on Halloween items from a nearby store, and raided my mothers’ linen closet for white sheets, to haunt my bedroom and scare my family and friends. 


Fast forward into adulthood, after having earned Bachelors of Fine Arts and Masters of Fine Arts degrees in design and owning a couple of themed entertainment design related companies… I have had the great fortune to work on some truly creative projects along my haunt journey.  I’ve enjoyed leading some great teams of extremely talented individuals producing highly rated and recognizable entertainment projects.


If you have an interest in working together, for more information about my experience, portfolio or how we can collaborate on your project, get in touch today though the contact form (link above).

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